A Little Princess

This little baby is truly "A Little Princess"!.  Born after 7 adorable boys...... she's a treasure to behold.  To all of those out there waiting for a girl... Hang in there.  This is proof that they still come.
More posts of this little one to follow shortly.


A Beautiful Little Girl

This girl sat & posed like a princess.

Three Sisters

These 3 girls are really really cute.  They all have such personality.

Mr. Curly Tops Again

Here's another one of Mr. Curly Tops.


Cute Girl

What a cute girl.  She was such a pleasure to work with.

Another Curly Haired Boy

Wow this boy had some hair.  I promise you his mother does not miss it one bit.

DVD Cover - Brother & Sister

This family took a DVD/Slideshow of their photo session.  Here is a DVD Cover that I designed for them.

Character Girl

Here's another character shot of this little girl.  She was just so funny.

Fun Little Girl

This girl has some character.  She was a panic to photograph.  We got some really amazing shots of her. This mother wanted a composite so we put this together for her.

As eager as can be

This big sister came along with her brother to take pictures.  She was as eager as can be to smile & pose for the camera.

What a Big Boy

What a head of curls this boy has... I'm quite sure his mother was very glad to get rid of them.  Mazel Tov.


A big beautiful family

This picture was actually done way back in the summer... oh what a long time ago it was.  Looking at the picture you would never believe it was pouring cats & dogs.  We did it at Prospect Park.  It was kind of tough getting all of these kids to focus on the camera. But we did it!


Cute Little Boy

Here are two composites that I designed for this customer.  This boy was just adorable.

This one is a      20 x 24.  the bottom one is a 10 x 20.

One Cute Little Boy


An Upsherin Boy - Mazel Tov!

Chaim was such a pleasure.  It was great having him here.

Oh! What Fun!


One Cute Little Boy

This baby was just tons of fun to photograph.  Shevy, can't wait to show you the rest


Mazel Tov Shaya

Shaya had his upsherin already - Mazel Tov to the entire family