What is the best age to take portraits of my child?

Parents are always asking this question,  what's the best age? 

Well, there’s no real answer to that. Each age has
its own look and stage. Here are some guidelines
as to what parents should expect:

Newborn to 3 months:  

A fresh newborn look. Baby will probably sleep through the session, and usually eyes will be unfocused or closed.  If you want a real newborn look, the ideal time is up to two weeks after the child is born.

6 to 10 months: 
You’ll get a classic crawling baby:   a bit of action mixed with that baby look.   This is a great time to photograph your child, because he or she is active enough to smile and give you some great candid shots.  On the other hand,  the baby isn’t active enough to be uncooperative.

12 to 15 months: 

Early toddler look. Some mischief, early walking.  This is also a great time for pictures, though some children tend to get more afraid at this stage.

15 to 22 months:

Active toddler look:  Although they do many adorable things, this is the hardest age to capture on camera.  They’re here, there, and everywhere.  When going to a studio with a child of this age, be sure to be prepared for him to give you the runaround.

26 to 36 months:

The beginning of a big boy/big girl look:  This is usually the pre-upsherin age, and they are precious! You can reason with them and/or bribe them, making them much easier candidates
to photograph.

3 and up:  

School child:   Here is when many parents opt for more posed shots that capture the chein of this particular child.

Info provided by Orgel Photography as featured in the Binah Magazine Lag Ba'Omer Edition אייר תש'ע