The Blizzard Rages On- Paralyzing Brooklyn - Brooklyn Blizzard Photographer

So the morning arrives after the heavy snowfall all night.  The kids are off from school,  The roads have cars stranded on them.  MTA no longer running.  etc. etc.  Were basically all snowed in.


It's a Winter Wonderland! - Brooklyn Blizzard Photographer

Wow!!  What a snowstorm we were hit with!  Check out some of these images.

Take a look at the snow coming down!! 

Cute Little Baby - Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

What a cute little baby this was.  


Someone is gonna miss her son's hair I think..... Brooklyn Upsherin Photographer

 Y.Y. is my son's very good friend.  A bit on the shy side in front of the camera until the mention of my son's name.  Then he would give a nice big grin.


One Big Happy Hearty Family... The Big Shoot - Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

It's been awhile since I've posted.... We've been busy... designing a surprise for a lucky set of grandparents.

Beautiful Little Boy.

What a good bunch of sisters.
This boy was having none of it!

Little Miss Perfect!
What a happy baby!
Miss Madam
Would you believe this kid is a boy??? 

And the finished product............


A big THANK YOU to Sheindy K.  for the reference.
A big THANK YOU to Pia H.  for being a fantastic coordinator.  (I may decide to hire you in the future)
A huge THANK YOU to Yitty S. for allowing us to turn her dining room into a photography studio  (Seriously, I'm looking to rent some studio space, can we consider it a done deal?)
And last but not least A huge THANK YOU to Helen for all of her outstanding help. (You are the BEST!)

The photography team