Chaim's mother wanted a composite put together of some of her images.



I'd like to pump up my Black & White images a bit.  Trying a "high contrast" look.  How do you like it.  Post your comments & opinions.  You can post as anonymous, so don't be afraid.  Just leave your comments.  I'm interested in feedback.  Thanks tons.


Twins!! - What a Handful! - Baby Portrait Photographer

These 2 adorable twin girls were here at our studio on Sunday & boy were they ever cute..... They were yummy & tons of fun.  Enjoy them Mommy.

I got my shoes!!! Wow was she ever excited once her shoes & socks came off!

Can I run off already???? Are you done with me yet?????


Mr.Macho Man

This boy had a grand time acting strict & tough.  A real boy!

Mr. Macho Man's Little Brother

This little one did not want to sit in the chair.  We had to bribe him with tons of nosh.  But we got him in the end.

A little lady

This little girl - came with her brothers "Mr. Macho Man" & a cute little yingela.  What a lady she was...


Lolly Pops! - Baby Portrait Photographer

This little one was so enthralled with his lolly pop, he wouldn't even look up at the camera.  Look at his pudgy little hands trying to open the lolly.

This Boy Rules!

This boy really rules!  He had the light meter in his hand during the entire shoot & was firing away.  It was quite an effort getting these shots in between his firing.  We kept on shutting it off &; in total adult language he was like,  "it's not working, fix it"!.   This kid talks like an adult - no kidding!  He was really really really adorable.  Crazy over him.


Boy Oh Boy! What a Boy!

Here's one of your boy.  Enjoy them.

Big Sister, Little Sister

Your oldest & your youngest.  Can't wait to show you the rest at your appointment.


Here's one more, I just couldn't resist.  And like I said earlier... the rest will follow tomorrow.  By the time this night is over, there may not be a tomorrow anymore.  She was my favorite. Smirk, Smirk


Here's your second one I promised

What a Face - Children's Portrait Photographer

M, I couldn't disappoint you so I posted just one, actually I'll make it two.  The rest will follow bli neder tomorrow.


The Little Princess Again - Newborn Portrait Photographer

Finally had a chance to get to some more pictures of this little princess.  I'm watching her grow day by day (no, she's not mine) & my oh my is she cute.


My Favorite

This little boy is so cooperative. He just loves sittiing in the chair.  You would think he's getting paid for it.  He's really really cute.