Congratulations to the winner of the Satmar School Party - Brooklyn Baby Photographer

Baby S. was the lucky winner at the Satmar School Party for a "Free Portrait Session".  What a cutie he was.


A charming little lady - Brooklyn Children Portrait Photographer

 Chaya Y. was such a lady.

I just love her hair......

What a cutie!


Babies are Fun! They're also just a wee bit exhausting.... - Brooklyn Baby & Children Portrait Photographer

Little Shaya was fun, no doubt about it. 

he was quite comical with his "what do you want from me" look on his face.


My Little Friend - Brooklyn Upsherin Photographer

This little boy is not mine.  But he is my very good friend.  He was a joy to photograph & his character comes through in each & every image.  Mazel Tov to the entire family.


Brothers - Brooklyn Baby & Children Portrait Photographer

It was quite a feat getting these two children to cooperate.  The older one started crying right away which totally set off the younger one & whoa! it was loads of fun from there.  Here's your  nachas Mommy, Enjoy them!
Want a smile Mommy?  OK, here you go.
We'll do it for you Mommy, but only cuz you're asking nicely.

I am upset Mommy
Yes, we got a smile. 


Pre Winter Special Savings!!! - Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

Prices slashed like never before!  
Come join us for our spectacular "Pre-Winter Special Savings Event"!

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Sessions: 50% off
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Looking forward to seeing you at the studio.
 Orgel Photography

*   Package price must be paid upfront.  Upon receiving the 50% savings on the session fee the remainder will be applied toward a print credit.
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