Someone is almost "3" - Upsherin Series - Brooklyn Children's Portrait Photographer

Little Shloimy, ain’t so little anymore, (gulp).  He’s actually almost 3!!!  We’ll be cutting his hair before Rosh Hashana.  Now I know that may sound far off to some of you….  but in actuality…..
it’s around the corner.
So, since he’s mine, we’ll be doing a number of sessions of him. Some casual & fun, some studio, some outdoors etc.
Well here’s Part 1 of the “Someone is almost 3″  series.

and here's a fun one!

A Really Fun Session - Brooklyn Children's Portrait Photographer

Well, well, well,..... it took a really long time to get this little boychick back into the studio for his second session.  ( To see his first session, click here).

The winter was more than just a bit rough on him.

Well now that we got him here......... we had loads of fun.  Little Avrumi, was simply the cutest little boy around.

An active little fella, with a yummy smile & the most gorgeous blue eyes I've ever seen.

And now, without further ado.... here you go Mommy,  Enjoy them.


Spectacular Lag Ba'omer Special! - Brooklyn Children's Portrait Photographer

Schedule your appointment prior to Lag Ba’omer to receive 33% off your session fee.
Call – 347.228.9137
*session does not have to be for an upsherin.  Family, baby, outdoors etc.  Discount good for all session types.


"A Time" Photo Shoot - Brooklyn Children's Portrait Photographer

We were honored to do a photo shoot for the "A Time Chinese Auction" .  Our model was chosen for the Welcome Page!

Here are a couple of additional images that we presented them with.

I personally am nuts over the way his eyes are peeking out on this one.....

Here's a "pullback" of the lighting set-up for a "High Key Photo Shoot".
Major Equipment & Studio Supplies used:
White Paper - for the background
White Tile Board - for the floor
2 Bi-Fold Doors / Gobos - used to prevent the backlights from hitting back at the subject thus causing flare.
2 front lights
1 umbrella
1 soft box
2 back lights



I’ve had some fun processing these two images.  I liked them so much, I felt they called for something different than my typical processing.
The first image is showing a beautiful artwork drawn onto a building.  The artwork is supposed to look so real, that it looks three dimensional.  Take a look at this “Tromp-l’oeil”

Manhattan, NY - Cityscape - Street Photographer

So, I’ve taken a real liking to street photography.  So many different moments & little things you can see.  Take a look here at the streets of our very own New York.

This picture was taken in a park called The High Line.  This was an old railroad track that was converted into a park.  The history of this park is really very very interesting, check it out here http://www.thehighline.org/.  The view from there to down below is really beautiful & the park itself is quite amazing.  Here’s one I got of anther photographer leaning down to get an image of the people sitting on the steps – soaking in the view of NYC.

An interesting little tidbit.

A delivery guy out on his bike.