Our Favorite Modeling Boy! - Brooklyn Children's Photographer

Little Shloimy ain't no little boy anymore.  The days of eagerly posing in front of the camera are long gone.   He's a big boy now!  Take a look at his hands in his pockets......

He also loves to direct me & tell me who & what I should take pictures of.  Check it out!.


A Beautiful Family - Brooklyn Family Photographer

First of all, our sincerest apologies to the E. family for taking so long to post their pictures.  Mazel Tov to the Upsherin.  May you always see much yiddish nachas from all of your beautiful children.

The E. Family was simply terrific.  They were all so eager to have their pictures taken.  A pleasure.

A real lady! - Brooklyn Children's Photographer

T. was a pleasure.  She was such a little lady.  She must surely be mommy's right hand.

What a cute bunch of boys! - Brooklyn Upsherin Photographer

Here are the boys, they were really cooperative and a pleasure to photograph.

What a helper he was.  Definitely a real responsible boy.  

Next up was the cutest 6 yr. old.  

Here's the Upsherin Boy.   Didn't have the long hair... but yummy!

And of course the little baby.


Cute Baby Boy - Brooklyn Baby Photographer

What a voice little Avrumi is going to have when he grows up..... Wow! He was one little screamer.  But we got him to smile at the end.  Enjoy them Mommy, loads of nachas.  Can't wait to see you again in a couple of months Avrumi.

Mommy, can we please stop??? I had enough!

Girly Girl - Brooklyn Children's Photographer

Well, little Suri sure was fun!.  She reminded me of my "Character Girl". Well girlie... we got those shots, even if you tried covering your face.  Loads of Nachas Mommy.