Little Miss Laya - Brooklyn Baby Photographer

Little Miss Laya is a feisty little girl with lots of character.  Sleeping was pretty much out of her agenda for the day..... so... let's just say we had quite a bit of fun with her.

Sleeping like a lady.... or so we thought!

Love that double chin of hers 
Sweet Dreams girlie.  Yes Mommy,  I know she slept for hrs....after you left!  LOL!



Studio Fun - Brooklyn Children's Photographer

So..... my daughter decided, she ain't so little anymore!  So she applied some make-up!  LOL!

My son was not to be left out of the action... so, in his coat & hat - minus shoes & socks.... he went about having a grand time on the floor.


Winter 2011 Special! - Brooklyn Family & Children Portrait Photographer

Wow!! We've launched our 2011 Winter Special with super smashing savings!

The special will be running through 02/28/2011 only , so call us fast to reserve an appointment.  This is a great opportunity for Upsherin, Family, Baby Pictures etc. that you've been wanting to do for the longest time.


My Lil' Gangster - Brooklyn Children's Photographer

 Just having a fun session with my little one  yesterday.  Boy does he keep us laughing....

Caught in action!  A little performer.


Sisters - How do people make it through life without sisters? - Brooklyn Children's Photographer

How do people make it through life without sisters?  - Good question.  The love & joy these two sisters expressed to each other, was simply beautiful to watch.


Pretty Little Girl - Pretty Little Boy - Brooklyn Portrait Photographer

Mazel Tov on the Bar Mitzvah!  So happy to present you with your sneak peaks...... want me to post one of your Bar Mitzvah boy as well??

Your children were a joy to photograph.  Take a look.