The Little Princess - Part 2 - Brooklyn Baby Photographer

Here are some more pictures of this yummy girl!

There were lots of tears at first.

Little Malky was none too pleased with having her picture taken...... with lots of patience we went from this.... to......
"THIS"!!!  She was positively pleased with herself at this point.

Hats..... Change of clothing... I never agreed to this!

Can somebody save me from this please?????  

Hmmm...... now you gave me shoes to play with.... ok maybe just maybe we can relax a bit.

Shoes & Dolls for the girls...... cars & trains for the boys.... with just a little bit of patience we can capture the beauty of your child.  The inner beauty.  For every child is beautiful. 

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  1. beautiful set of pictures I especially love the one with her finger in her mouth!!!