Another Curly Head - Brooklyn Upsherin Photographer

For some odd reason I seem to get all of the curly heads......  Well, this one was SUPER CUTE!  Took him a bit of time to warm up, but when we got him to smile ... boy did he give us some cute grins!.  Check him out!  Mazel Tov & loads of Nachas.   

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It was so cute to see him warming up.  He was practically giggling at the end.

Can you please give me a smile?  Just one?! No Nothing........  OK, OK no smile from this one.
Slowly warming up.  Just a little smile because he was promised a lolly pop!

Loving this moment!  Total ecstasy!!!!

I'm crazy over this last one.  He was so cute the way he put his hands under his chin.  YUM!


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